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What's BeUnblurred?

BeUnblurred is a custom BeReal client that lets you see your friends' BeReals without posting one.

BeUnblurred is not affiliated with BeReal SAS in any way.

Why do I need to login?

BeUnblurred needs to log in to your account to retrieve your friends on BeReal.

If you're not comfortable with that, you can check out the source code on GitHub, or, of course, you can always use the official BeReal app.

Found a bug, or want a feature to be added?

Feel free to open an issue on GitHub, or if you're more tech savvy, you can fork the repository and open a pull request.

Why doesn't BeUnblurred have all the features of BeReal?

BeUnblurred is a side project, and it takes time to reverse engineer the BeReal app and implement all the latest features, so you'll have to be patient for when a new feature is added.